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Hacking Satellite TV – Tools Needed To Hack Satellite TV

So many ‘know it alls’, so little actual knowledge. There’s plenty of hacking fun to be had with those dishes. Not allchannels are encrypted. Quite a few are ‘in the clear’ and completely legal to receive. The NASA channel is one. Once common, now rare wild feeds are another possibility. There are also numerous audio programs in the clear, as well as data streams to splunk.

These dishes all appear to be Ku band. The dish with three LNB is pointed at (if it’s still aligned) 110°W (Echostar 10/11), 119°W (Anik F3 & EchoStar 14 & DirecTV 7S), and 129°W was (Galaxy 15), but has been replaced by Ciel 2. Lyngsat lists every transponder as having encrypted content, but it’s quite often out of date, and the broadcaster may be legally obligated to broadcast certain content unencrypted.

I can’t tell where the 500 dish is pointed. It appears to be pointed at 148°W (EchoStar V), which was de-orbited in 1999. These dishes aren’t dedicated to Dish’s service and can be re-pointed to any of the other satellites listed on Lyngsat.

To get at all this hot satellite action, you’ll need to set up a Linux box with a DVB-S card. There are a plethora of command line tools that will let you tune to a transponder, and dump contents from a stream. Unencrypted streams can be piped into video and audio decoders, and Wireshark.

At minimum, these could be reused to pick up FTA TV.

Now get hacking and report your results!


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